Pray – The importance of inner peace

What can we gain and achieve in the outside world if we do not have inner peace? And one of the ways to achieve it is through prayers we say.

In fact, most of the things we do and work are just to bring us peace. But peace cannot come from outside. Even if we escape from all that irritates us and disturbs us and we run to a faraway place, where we are completely lonely and where complete tranquility and untouched purity of nature prevail, we will continue to persecute our own thoughts, anxieties, worries, desires – things that are in us, in our own mind.

How to find inner peace

post5aTherefore, there is no reason not to try to gain inner peace right now and here, where we are, face to face with all external interferences. If prayers make us feel really well for at least 10-15 minutes and if we feel that deep inner peace fills us, we will also feel that external things that led us to madness are no longer so disturbing.

If at least for a minute we experience complete peace, we will see that much of what we gave an enormous significance is not important at all. We may even wonder, “Have I been so disturbed that I behaved in this way because of this?” When we really have deep inner peace in ourselves, we have no more need to prove, discuss, and pass the blame. No, when we have peace, we can look at things objectively, such as they are, and to act purposefully, just as the situation so requires. Inner peace through prayers is the key to the proper functioning of the outside world.

How to prepare yourself for prayers

post5bBreathe peace, exhale unrest. Try to feel that every time you breathe in, you let into your body peace, endless peace. The opposite of peace is anxiety. When you are breathing out, try to feel that you are cleansing up anxiety from yourself, as well as anxiety that you see around you. When you breathe in this way, you will see that your anxiety leaves you …

Now, what to do with the negative thoughts that are already in us? Compared to the previous case, it is very difficult to throw them out. But we can do it! How? Again by stretching our consciousness. We have a body; in this body are those bad forces that took the form of ugly, harmful thoughts. If we can develop our physical consciousness to be elastic as an elastic band, we will feel that through a conscious effort, by the aspiration, we will grow our entire body. We grow, grow, grow our entire body to the Infinite. We grow the canvas of white consciousness. The moment we feel that Infinity is stretched like a canvas of white consciousness, we will see that it is a whole purity. We pray with positive thoughts and wishes, we pray for the path that is in front of us.