Wake up your inner third eye power with a simple mantra technique

The third eye is actually the sixth, forehead chakra, which is associated with universal love. The wisdom, as it is called, is located in the middle of the root of the nose and controls the small brain. In the eastern and western cultures, the third eye is associated with intuition, clairvoyance, spirituality and many paranormal phenomena. For most people, this chakra is drowsy, and its unbalanced action creates anxiety about the perception of personal intuitive abilities.

Third eye: a Higher degree of spirituality

post2aMost medical experts who have studied this phenomenon find that the third eye is actually the epiphysis, the gland located between the two brain hemispheres. Certain cells within the epiphysis resemble photoreceptor eye, and in addition, the epiphysis secretes melatonin – a hormone considered to be the chemical predecessor of dreams, experiences of close deaths, meditation, vision and other forms of consciousness.

Linked to a sympathetic nervous system (which mobilizes physical resources when the body is stressed), the third eye (or epiphysis) establishes a connection with the voluntary part of the nervous system and in that way gives a person insight into “more worlds”. Many theories claim that we will re-activate that gland when humanity reaches the level of spirituality it once had. The techniques on how to open the third eye and unlock psychic abilities are one of the most simple in the world, but most people find it hard to succeed in them.

Wake up the center of the soul

French philosopher Rene Dekratt called the sixth chakra “the center of the soul”. To open your third eye, you need to apply a mantra called “thos”. Keep in mind that it must be repeated in a certain vibration and with a certain tone, and you will feel yourself when you reach that level.

Sit your upright back and breathe through the nose. Keep your breath as pleasant as possible, and then open your mouth so that there is little space between the lower and upper jaw, and place your tongue between your teeth.post2b

Press your teeth as if you want to say English the “the”. Then breathe in and say “T-H-H-O-H-H” as you spray air through your mouth. If you have done everything right, you should feel pressure in the fork and cheeks. Do not give up if you fail from the first attempt. Repeat exercise five times, three days in a row, with a space of 24 hours.

The organism reacts to the awakening

This is a very powerful exercise, so the body will have to reach a certain degree of adaptation.

One of the first signs that your third eye opens are headaches and a feeling of pressure at the center of your forehead. This feeling can act as it originates from within, but it is a symptom of awakening the center of the soul that begins to function. Some may feel severe migraines that can last for hours. The severity of the side effect of opening the third eye will depend on how much it is sleepy.