Telepathy – The universal language of animals

Animals communicate with pictures, feelings, emotions, and concepts, and every person can communicate with them. Sometimes you can get a picture of what animals are trying to communicate, but in most cases, they are emotions or concepts that you pick from it. Animals do not open their mouths and do not say words, but they incredibly successfully communicate non-verbal.

You can often receive information in the form of words or feelings that are spread over your body, or in pictures and symbols sent by animals via telepathy. The dictionary defines telepathy as a communication of the mind with impressions of any kind with another independent and recognized channel or senses. Telepathy is a universal language of the animal kingdom.

How can you talk to your pet?

post1aAnimal communicators offer many tips, important is the one where in order to communicate you need to be one with nature and purify yourself mentally and emotionally – bring some emotion into communication. Allow yourself to notice and listen to your heart, to speak with feelings, then believe that you have connected with the animal.

Imagine in your mind what you want a pet to do or what you are trying to tell him. Send him this emotion mentally. If you really want your pet to get a message, it will happen. Do not lean on or hover over your pet, trying to force them to hear what you are telling. Sit down, relax, and let the feelings and thoughts of the reptiles come to your mind. The basic step of telepathy with animals and mutual communication is to create a state of peace and receptivity, which will enable the message to be sent and receive the response.

If you want to learn how to become a pet psych you need to follow these simple rules and allow yourself to feel. Feel to love you have for your pet, anticipate its needs, care for them and you will be aligned enough with them.

How will you know that your attempt has really succeeded?

If you have brought yourself into a state of relaxation and peace, avoiding thinking too much of thoughts and feelings in your mind, then the information you received has definitely arrived from the animal.post1b Because such information is received through the mind or emotional feeling, or visual perception, it may happen that you think that they are part of your imagination. You will know that they are not the moment you get an unexpected response.

However, since pets cannot verbalize their problems and diseases, how can we really know if communication with the animal we are achieving is really what the animal is trying to tell us? The proof that some food is good is, as they say, if you eat until the last crumbs. So, if the problem or disease is eliminated or the condition of an animal improves after such communication, then perhaps there is indeed a lot of truth in this whole story!