Cleanse your life from any negative energy that is keeping you down

Today it is very popular to use the term energy to describe psychic phenomena, however, a few who accurately talk about what exactly this energy is. Since these are psychic phenomena, energy in this sense represents the field of our thoughts and emotions. There is a whole range of different frequencies of energy, from the physical, which is measured by the joules, to the divine light itself, but what we mean by energy is psychic energy, created by emotions and thoughts.

That’s what we need to keep in mind when we think about how to protect ourselves from negative energy, because, the essence of our defense is understanding what exactly we need to defend.

How to detect negativity around us?

It has happened to all of us that in the presence of an extremely negative person we feel a change in mood, nervousness or something similar, even though we did not communicate directly with that person. It is the transmission of the “negative energy” that this person radiates, due to some kind of pain, the suppressed aggression or simply malice, on us, which makes our harmonic state distort and leads to imbalance.

post4aOften, we can not recognize such conditions, and temporarily, or permanently, we fall into severe psychological conditions, from which we can not get out. Many depressions, anxieties, and other seas are coming precisely because of the negative energy that can come from the environment, from other people, but also from ourselves, our own illusions, hard experiences or wrong attitudes. In this case, it is necessary to work on it, but this time the topic is to protect ourselves from the negative energy that comes from us.

It is necessary to program your subconscious mind to not receive any other influences that may disturb your energy balance. There are many ways trough you can learn how to protect yourself from negative psychic energy, but we will start with something simple…

Beginner level: Exercise that can help you

Imagine that you are in the egg of pure white light! Imagine the positive side effects of the energy, as well as the brightness of the glittering white. These influences can slightly increase your energy egg, give it greater density or vigor.

post4bOn the other hand, there are also negative influences, in the form of dirty, unbalanced and shattered light and energy. Imagine how such influences are repelled from the edge of the light egg that surrounds you. If you do this exercise every day, you will program your subconscious not to receive harmful energy and to receive only what is useful to you. Also, you should try not to affect anyone negatively, because you also send signals that you want others to deal with you.

You can repeat an exercise with an egg every time you feel the need. In your inner space you will sometimes see clear images, sometimes only light, and at times you will only feel the charge. Do not get excited and practice the exercise calmly, whatever happens. Remember that the only purpose is your energy protection.