Psychic Prayers for Love: 5 Inspiring and Powerful Prayers

Psychic prayer is all about ethereal energy and there are no limits to its distance. This energy is from your spirit and it travels to someone or it enlivens something or it affects an event. The energy or psychic prayer then flows through your psychic chakra centers out in the atmosphere or spiritual plane in order to set things into motion.

During your psychic prayers, you can envision what or who you are praying for, surrounding that prayer with a radiant white light. Psychic prayers for love, healing, safety and more is to project in a positive living thought form from yourself toward a person, place, or thing.

psychic prayers

The Prayer of Love is one of the most profound blessings that a person can use for themselves and others. Delivering or chanting psychic prayers for love not only nurtures your own psychic body, but you are also elevated to commune with the invisible higher forces of nature. Love is known to be the highest healing vibration of light or energy that accompanies other positive intangible life emotions like peace.

With psychic prayers involving love or prayers invoking love, you are the higher power.
Thank you that my Angles or Ascended Masters are coming together as one to guide me. Your highest power is always about love which dwells inside people’s heart whether they are aware of it or not. Love fills your heart with a warmth that brings clarity so that we can’t help to realize that through its energy, we are all connected.

Let the following 5 psychic prayers for love bring the beacon of light into your psyche and center of understanding for you to find and/or nurturing love:

1. Finding Love in Prayer

To my Creator (or higher power) I pray for your guidance in finding love and have it come into my life. Please remove all stumbling blocks that may prevent love from finding me.

Open my inner eyes and heart to all the boundless possibilities for who may be the best companion for me. Help me to trust that person who will come into my energy and that they will be the perfect match for me and that I may be the perfect match for them.

Let my inner eyes see them for what they really are and that is love. May I not see disabilities, physical appearance, but rather ready my life so that I don’t stand in my own way regarding love’s manifestation in presenting me with the right companion.

Dear Creator, I release all negative thoughts and emotions into your everlasting light and wait for your Angel’s divine manifestations from you. Thank you perfect Guide!

2. Prayer for Loves Challenges

Dear Light of the Universe, I surrender my love affairs and worries about a positive relationship in your Divine hands. I know that you will remove my concerns and fears about love, by replacing them with love in my heart for strength and guiding me in the right direction.

I believe that you will allow love to enter my life as soon as I surrender to you. I know that love will come when I learn to love myself. Then my white light can be released, drawing in the perfect person for me to share your love light together.

Finally, I pray that you guide me to a better understanding of love in my life so that I can enter into a loving universal agreement with strength and courage. With eternal gratitude, thank you!

3. Prayer for Love’s Guidance

Thank you Almighty light of love who guides me daily. Thank you for giving me the strength to keep a clear mind and to move forward from bad romances. Light of the Universe, help me choose a better partner.

Release me from the fear of loneliness. Guide me with the help of my Angels to keep my eyes open toward the right person and do not allow the wrong partner to sway my heart. I know that your eternal white light is love and that when I ask, you extend that toward me.

I believe that you are sending me the right partner which I will receive very soon. Thank you for opening my heart to a better and more permanent love partner. I know that you have a wonderful person who is now entering into my life. Thank you for all that is pure love.

4. Prayer for Love’s Journey

Spirit of love surround me with light and touch my heart so that I can feel your universal peace, love, and joy for my fellow man. You are guiding me to a foreign land to volunteer with hope for others.

A land that is foreign to me but which I am happy to do for love’s sake. Surround me with your love so that I will feel your peace and love for all people. Open my eyes to the beauty in other’s and help my heart be unconditional in all of my actions and reactions.

Lift my spirit, lift my soul and create in me a desire to heal any and all of those who may come to me. I thank you for the understanding that all peoples are yours and that your eternal love unites us all.

Spirit of light, let your Guides show me how to love myself so that I can more of myself openly and freely to all of those that need me to be their light for the time I am in their presence. Thank you, great love, of light.

5. Psychic Prayer To Heal Love

I am praying for better truth and understanding of the love that we had in our hearts in the beginning. Help us to forgive, grant us patience, and show us how to be reunited in love and light again. Your love in the universe is all encompassing and it is forever and ever. Grant us the ability to open our hearts and replace any harsh words with words of love, listening, and forgiveness.

Instill in me the contentment needed to appreciate what I had and the gratitude for the time we’ve shared together. I pray for the healing of our relationship and that we shall be reunited in love and light for the higher good which is the best for both of us.

Spirit of divine love, open my heart to see the good in my partner so that the process of our healing can begin. I know that your love will allow us to forgive our failings and be replaced with the love that grows and matures. Grant, us to stay together and become closer through our love for each other, growing it to perfect peace. Thank you eternally!