“It starts with a new spirit of prayer, using all the traditions, ancient and modern.

“When it comes, it will be linked to what has gone before, but it will look different – because it is a new renewal for new times.”

Just start.

The hardest thing about prayer is beginning
So just start.

Wanting to pray is the beginning of a relationship with God that can grow and grow.
Find the way of praying that is right for you.
Explore different ways of praying.
Listen as well as speak.
Give thanks as well as ask for help.
Don't just look for results. Don't give up when it gets hard. Trying to pray is praying.

Remember, God is present even in the darkness.

Praying can be woven into everyday life. Prayer is not just something done in church. It is about praying with others, praying alone, at any time and any place. It is living life in a relationship with God.

When we pray, there are millions of Christian people all around the world also praying; daily in churches, in their own homes, in their cars, at work. You might not hear them. You might feel very alone in your prayer; but you are not alone.

There is no such thing as private prayer because when we pray we are caught up in something much bigger than ourselves. There is no “my” prayer. It is, as the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer states, “our”.

The conversation starts here.

Just Start.

Adapted from
How to Pray: Alone, with Others, at Any Time, In Any Place
By Stephen Cottrell.

Published 2011 by Church House Publishing

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