Thank you to our Film Stars

Farmer, James, manages six hundred acres of farmland in Hampshire that was, in all likelihood, bequeathed to the Church around AD 650 by a Saxon King who converted to Christianity. He is the fourth generation of his family working the farm. He is a committed Christian and prays as often as his cattle and sheep allow.

We found our two refugees at Borderlands Bristol, a registered charity working especially with people seeking asylum in the UK or those who have become refugees from other countries. The centre offers hot meals, wellbeing and practical support for people of all faiths and none and strives to be a place of peace and calm for people who have often experience traumatic life experiences.

Tough Talk is a registered charity dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who would not normally go to church. It is made up of a group of ex-bouncers, ex-football hooligans and ex-East End hard men who have turned their backs on their past. Many of the team are keen powerlifters. Founder Ian, who features in our film, began working as a nightclub bouncer at the age of 18. He travels with the team sharing his faith in Jesus Christ and the love of God.

St Mary’s Church Primary School in Kilburn is a popular school situated in the heart of London, with all the opportunities and challenges that face people living and working in one of the major capitals of the world. It is one of 4,700 church schools which educate around one million young people. They are a vital part of the ministry of the church and provide inclusive education with a Christian ethos.

The baptism is part of the Saturday Gathering story. This Fresh Expressions of church grew out of the Halifax Food and Support Drop-In run by Christians Together in Calderdale which has been providing food and toiletries parcels and prayer to the most vulnerable for six years. It has just celebrated its third birthday and in that time has baptised over 80 new disciples.

Our festival goer is theology student Pollyanna. She is in her third year studying at university where she loves to explore the role of Christianity in today’s world. Her own faith leads her to attempt to live her life showing as much love, compassion and grace to others, as she can.

Commuter, Jonny, is married to Amy and has four children under 5. He is currently training to be a Priest at St. Mellitus, an Anglican training college in central London, where he enjoys thinking and talking about (and to) God. He also has a deep love for Manchester City Football Club.

Kameo and Enrico tied the knot in the beautiful St Stephen’s Church, Lindley, Huddersfield in October and invited us to their special day. It was just one of 1,000 weddings conducted in the Church of England every week. Marriage vows, in the form "To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part", have been recited at UK church weddings since 1552.

Sgt Brian is a branch leader of the Christian Police Association for the Cleveland Police where he serves. The CPA has been serving those in the police service for over 130 years and continue to seek to be active and relevant in that role. Its members believe that by maintaining a strong relationship with God they can overcome temptation and having fellowship with other doing the same job is a means to that end.

Leeds Street Angels help to make the city centre a safer place to be on a night out. They are part of the wider Christian Nightlife Initiative – amazing teams of volunteers who combine prayer with action in night-time communities - prayer that comes in the shape of flip-flops, lollipops, bottles of water and teams of people with a mission to love the person in front of them.

Out of Many One Voice is the mission statement of the London Gospel Community Choir. Led by the Revd Bazil, they are committed to encourage unity, love and respect among all people through the arts and their faith in God with a packed programme of events which this year saw their members on the X Factor and in Trafalgar Square for Royal British Legion Silence in the Square event.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England, the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion and the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury. He was enthroned at Canterbury Cathedral in March 2013.His threepriority areas for his ministry include prayer and the religious life, reconciliation and evangelism and witness.

The Community of St Anselm is made up of 36 young men and women from across the UK and around the world. They have become the first members of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s new monastic-inspired community at Lambeth Palace – a programme for Christians aged 20-35 to spend a year praying, studying ethics and theology, and serving the poorest in local communities.

Our mourner, Sam lost his father earlier this year. Martin Cavender was a leading Church of England evangelist. Sam works for the church in Bristol and is a self confessed graphics geek.

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